Canadian Mining Program - Mine with Confidence

BitSent's Mining Program is ideal for a wide audience as it allows individuals with different levels of knowledge or investment to get involved with mining Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Whether you are an experienced veteran looking for a reliable and secure environment or you are simply an investor with no knowledge about mining, the BitSent Mining Program is ideal for you.


New Miners

Tired of playing around with configurations?

Let us manage your miners and cure you of your headaches.

Existing Miners

Enjoying your hashing rates but you need a better environment for your miners?

Let us host it in our facility.


Whether you want to become a part of the mining operation or you want to diversify your holdings, this is the place.

Why you should Consider BitSent's Mining Program?

Seasoned Veterans Managing Configurations

Tired of messing around with your configuration and having it lead to more headaches? We know how you feel, we were once there. Over time and countless iterations of managing configurations, we have perfected it! Our configurations lead to over 99% up-time for our miners with hash rates topping community projections - leading to stability and profitability!

Hosted in a Reliable, Redundant & Secure Facility

With low power costs and abundant reliable power from the grid, our Canadian facility is ideally located for your mining needs. The facility boasts redundant networking and power with backup generators to keep our miners online in case of any failure. With 24/7 monitoring through a third-party security company and restricted key access, you can rest assure your equipment is safe.  

We Invest in Research & Development

BitSent is deeply invested in mining and we invest a great deal into research & development in order to ensure an increasing ROI from our mining operations. This includes constantly tweaking configurations on existing hardware while researching new hardware and techniques to minimize costs while increasing hashing rates and up-time.

Re-Invest in New Technologies & Divest out of Dated Technology

The life-cycle of these technologies can be very short so timing is key, which is why we stay close with key suppliers and treat them like partners. We are in it for the long-run and we are constantly investigating alternative technologies in order to stay above the trend - a necessity in this fast-pace industry!

Diversify your Cryptocurrency Holdings and Investments

With new coins constantly entering the market it can be difficult to narrow down which ones will take off and which ones will die down. This is the reason why we have set up an alternative mining program where BitSent will control what to mine, how much power to dedicated and for how long because we all know these are the key items. This will help you diversify your alt-coin holdings to minimize risk and maximize profit, all without having to lift a finger.  

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