About Us

Welcome to BitSent...

Based out of Waterloo Ontario, Canada, BitSent Inc is providing cryptocurrency solutions and in particular Bitcoin solutions.  Bitcoin is a medium of exchange.  It can be used to purchase all kinds of goods and services and more and more businesses are accepting Bitcoin every day!  BitSent Inc directors have been watching the development of Bitcoin for several years.  With this wealth of knowledge and experience, BitSent Inc is ideally placed to help you with your specific needs.  

Mission Statement...

BitSent is made up of Bitcoin enthusiasts, traders, coders, gamers, and lobbyists.  We have been involved with Bitcoin since 2011. 

Our mission is to make Bitcoin technologies sustainable and competitive, while preserving their potential to improve quality of life.  To this end, we are currently focused on making Bitcoin technologies accessible to everyone (Starting with deployment of our fleet of AVMs).  We are also focused on resolving issues around the integration of Bitcoin with the existing financial services industry.  Through open communication with regulators and financial service partners as well as extensive work on policy and best practices, BitSent intends to lead by example in resolution of these issues (Check out our Blog: "Canada: a regulatory free-for-all for Bitcoin business???").  

We pledge to make entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem as easy as possible for as many people as possible.  We pledge to offer services that integrate a high level of due diligence for customers and our financial service partners.   

If you think of a way that we can do better - please reach out and let us know

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Current & Future Product Offerings...

In support of our Mission, we are rolling out the below product offerings:
1) Buy Bitcoin through BitSent Mobile Service Agents
2) Buy Bitcoin through Automated Vending machines
3) Merchant POS (point of sale)
4) Bitcoin/Litecoin/Altcoin web trading platform
5) Dedicated cold-storage wallets, 
6) and we have much more in the works!