Agent Purchases

Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Person Throughout Canada

Purchasing Bitcoins can be a hassle for most people, especially if you do not want to share your banking information! With BitSent's Agent program, you don't have to do any of that - you can buy Bitcoins in cash at your place of convenience. We want to ensure your comfort as we conduct the transaction.

Professional Attention to get you Started

Not sure where to start? We are! We will contact you before the meeting to ensure you have everything you need to purchase Bitcoins. We assist you in getting a secure wallet set up and show you the basics that you need to know to access and use your Bitcoins.

Secure and Convenient

Our agents can meet you at a secure location at a time that suits you best. We want to ensure you feel comfortable making the exchange.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

All of our agents are trained and instructed to follow specific instructions to ensure all of our transactions are in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Most people assume that Bitcoin is not regulated but that is not true. At Bitsent we are on top of all regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth, legal and secure transaction.

Receipt of Transaction Provided - Cash and Certified Cheques Accepted

We don't require your banking information to perform the transaction, keeping all sensitive information private. We also provide a receipt on the spot and a digital receipt within 24 hours for your records.

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