Bitcoin AVM

Purchase Bitcoins using Automated Vending Machines (also knows as Bitcoin ATM)

The Bitcoin Automated Vending Machine (AVM), commonly referred to as a Bitcoin ATM, is a very simple approach to purchasing Bitcoins at a competitive rate. You don't need to set up an account and you don't need to share your banking information, simply insert the amount of cash into the machine and have your wallet QR code ready to receive your Bitcoins in under 30 seconds!

Simplicity Meets Convenience

No need to sign up for an account or provide your banking details - simply place your cash in the bitcoin AVM and have your bitcoin wallet ready to accept your bitcoin transfer. With convenient locations across Canada, you can say good-bye to your old ways or purchasing bitcoin and visit your closest 'location'.

Competitive Market Rates in Real-Time!

Sometimes buying opportunities present themselves and you need to act quickly. Given that wire transfers can take 24-72 hours, the Bitcoin AVMs provide real-time rates from major exchanges and low cost per transaction, you cannot afford to wait! 

Fastest Bitcoin Transactions in the Industry

While you're saying good-bye to your old ways of purchasing Bitcoins, say good-bye to long waits! With typical transactions taking under 15 seconds, you can have your Bitcoins faster than it takes you to log into your email!