Build Public Trust for your Online Store using our BitRated Program

One of the biggest barriers to online stores that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies is TRUST - BitSent's BitRated program is your solution! Without any dispute resolution or the ability to retract transactions, online consumers are hesitant to purchase good or services using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This problem can solved using BitSent's BitRated program where online stores are able to showcase their customer satisfaction levels through a trusted source.

Trustworthy Source - Independent Third-Party Rating

The general public are weary regarding marketing materials and business generated content but are very trustworthy of third part and user generated content. BitSent's BitRated program is the solution to this online problem.

Installed within Minutes - One Simple Line of Code!

With a quick copy & paste of our javascript code, you will be up and running within minutes! No programming experience necessary, we provide you with the exact code to copy and paste wherever you wish to display your badge.

Additional Exposure through our Partner Listing

Leverage our big marketing budget and gain from additional exposure of our Partner Listing. Users will be visiting the Partner Listing for trustworthy merchant where they can spend their hard mined Bitcoins.

Policies to Protect the Merchant and the Customer

As a neutral stakeholder, the BitRated program is in place to keep transactions smooth and legitimate. These policies are in place to keep all user-generated reviews and feedback in our system legitimate, not to override any of your existing policies.

Effective Dispute Resolution

The BitRated program was built with efficiency and effectiveness as the top priorities. We want to ensure that any dispute is resolved in a timely and calm manner - we provide a medium to effectively resolve any dispute between a merchant and a customer.

Cost Effective - FREE!

The BitRated program is currently FREE - No enrollment fees and no monthly fees! We have opted for this pricing model to award our early members and provide incentive for the masses to take part of a necessary system. 

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