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Accept Bitcoin at your Retail Location in Canada

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are a growing trend in today's world - making Top 10 on Google Trends in 2013. Take advantage of these growing trends and capture a new source of income in this digital age without having any risks!

New Source of Disposable Income

Bitcoin and other digital currency present a massive opportunity for ecommerce and retail stores as it creates a new opportunities to tap into the market's disposable income. With thousands of people in Canada mining these virtual currencies, they will be looking for online and retail outlets to purchase goods and services that may have not been within their reach. Take advantage of this growing trend by accepting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies using BitSent's secure merchant services.

No Fraud and Therefore: No Chargebacks!

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies cannot be charged back to the merchant - GUARANTEED. This advantage minimizes the risk exposure to the retailer and presents a guaranteed source of revenue without any chance of fraud order. Rest assured that once a sale has been put through, you will not face any future headaches.

No Risk with Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies

With the volatility of Bitcoin and other digital currencies we understand this may lead to additional exposure to currency fluctuations - BitSent takes care of that! Considering that some merchants would like to avoid any additional risk and unnecessary risks, we render all sales in Canadian dollars to the merchant by default. We also provide the option of keeping sales in the digital currency at the discretion of the merchant. 

Low Transaction fees and no Monthly Minimums

For a one-time fee of $199 and transaction fees as low as 1.5%, you can rest assure you are accessing a lucrative market at a competitive rate! Unlike other merchant services with gateway and per transaction fees, the BitSent Merchant Services will leave you with more cash from your sales - it's the way it should be. 

Security & Simplicity all While Achieving Compliance

The BitSent Merchant Services program was tailored to match the desired user experience that retailers have been accustomed to. Similar to the traditional merchant terminal you use today, the BitSent terminal was created to be simple and secure. Get set up with a compliant terminal within minutes - we take care of all the security so you don't need to worry about it! 

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